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Enabling Optimizely native Google Analytics Integration within Google Tag Manager

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As you may already know, Optimizely has an in-built Google Analytics integration, which will allow us to track the experiments and variations being showed to a client using custom dimensions. For enabling them, you’ll need to put the following lines after the create command and the pageview one: window.optimizely = window.optimizely…

Closing “Inside GTM” Blog, all content now hosted here!

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Two years ago I started “Inside GTM”, a blog focused on Google Tag Manager and other TMS tools along with @nikalytics, but we haven’t published anything since February, so we’ve agreed to close it 🙁 . After publishing the notice in Twitter, some people asked what was going to happen with the content…

#Tip – Finding Legacy GA code after migrating to Universal Analytics

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  You may have already migrated your Google Analytics Implementation to Universal Analytics. It may happen that you still have some legacy ga snippet lying around in some pages without having noticed it, for example in some landing pages that are not belong the default CMS system/templates. But we can…

Preventing duplicate transactions in Universal Analytics with Google Tag Manager


One of the most common headaches while implementing the ecommerce tracking on a site is trying to match the tracked transactions by the shop backend to Google Analytics. As most tracking solutions are JavaScript based, there’s a small chance of losing some of them and there’s nothing we can do…