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Proper method/tips for setting up Facebook Pixels with no errors

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I’m finding a lot of people lately complaining about their Facebook Pixels throwing an infamous “duplicate pixel” error: fbevents.js:9 Facebook Pixel Error: Duplicate Pixel ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This  error is thrown because we’re trying to initialize a pixel ID twice and therefore FB complains about it. And nope you are not…

SEO meets GA: Tracking search bots visits within measurement protocol


I’ve been attending lately (and having) to some talks about the logs parsing from the SEO perspective, (from @David Sottimano on Untagged Conference and Lino Uruñuela during some dinner time), and I’ve decided to publish a WordPress plugin that I started to work on some years ago, and that for work reasons…

Bringing back utm_nooverride functionality to Universal Analytics

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Universal Analytics removed the utm_nooverride=1 functionality, still we can define a list domain referrals to be treated as direct visits within our properties configuration section, but what about when we can’t control the source domains?, for example for emailings, or some display campaign that we don’t want to override our users original…