GAUPET Release: Google Analytics User Permissions Explorer Tool

Some months ago I asked some friends to test a new tool I was working on and past week I released something close to an open alpha, today after pulling some details, a new UI redesign 100% mobile compatible. I’m announcing the GAUPET release. At first I named it as GA Governance Tool, but after some interesting chat with the “osom” Yehoshua […] Read More

Universal Analytics Plugin Online Hackathon – Dual tracking

I’ve been thinking about doing a Google Analytics related hackaton for a long time. Some months ago, I started to take a look about how Universal Analytics Plugins work and I decided that coding a plugin to all the data to a secondary property using just a plugin would be a real nice example. For years now, I’ve sharing a […] Read More

Keep your dataLayer integrity safe using Custom JavaScripts in Google Tag Manager

In JavaScript when you want to copy an object into another variable is not an easy as doing var myVar = myObjectVar; and you should be really careful when working with your dataLayer info in your customHtml Tags and your Custom Javascript Variables. Let’s try to explain this is the best way I can. When  you’re doing that you’re not copying the current […] Read More

Tips for working with Custom HTML & Custom JavaScript tags in Google Tag Manager

This time I’m writting down some tips for when you guys are playing around with the custom HTML tags or custom JavaScript variables not only for Google Tag Manager, but for any other TMS or website. Most times due the projects deadlines or maybe just lazyness, the code we use (I include myself here), is not fail proof, and we […] Read More

Getting super clean content reports in Google Analytics using GTM

In Google Analytics the urls are case sensitive, therefore in our content reports /index.html will be different to /Index.html, and querystring values will make Google Analytics to think that even if it’s the same page it will recorded as a new one, /index.html?cache=off and /index.html?cache=on will be recorded as 2 different pageviews for example. The first problem its easily fixable with a lowercase […] Read More

Tricks to deal with customized Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations

In the past years, I worked on implementing Google Analytlics and Google Tag Manager in a lot of differences scenearios and almost any kind of integrations. So I’m gonna show you some code snippets that may help you integrating Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics into your libraries in the best way possible. Checking is Universal Analytics is available Most integrations I’ve […] Read More

Tracking Optimizely redirect type experiments

In my previous post I’ve talked about how to manage to use the native Optimizely tracking when using Google Tag Manager . Now we’re going further and we’ll learn how to track the experiment that are based on redirects in the best way possible. So, firstly you’ll need to enable the Optimizely and Google Analytics integration. Now here is the tricky […] Read More

Enabling Optimizely native Google Analytics Integration within Google Tag Manager

As you may already know, Optimizely has an in-built Google Analytics integration, which will allow us to track the experiments and variations being showed to a client using custom dimensions. For enabling them, you’ll need to put the following lines after the create command and the pageview one: window.optimizely = window.optimizely || []; window.optimizely.push(“activateUniversalAnalytics”); This is a bit tricky when using […] Read More