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Keep your dataLayer integrity safe using Custom JavaScripts in Google Tag Manager

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In JavaScript when you want to copy an object into another variable is not an easy as doing var myVar = myObjectVar; and you should be really careful when working with your dataLayer info in your customHtml Tags and your Custom Javascript Variables. Let’s try to explain this is the best way I…

Getting super clean content reports in Google Analytics using GTM


In Google Analytics the urls are case sensitive, therefore in our content reports /index.html will be different to /Index.html, and querystring values will make Google Analytics to think that even if it’s the same page it will recorded as a new one, /index.html?cache=off and /index.html?cache=on will be recorded as 2 different pageviews for…

Tricks to deal with customized Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations

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In the past years, I worked on implementing Google Analytlics and Google Tag Manager in a lot of differences scenearios and almost any kind of integrations. So I’m gonna show you some code snippets that may help you integrating Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics into your libraries in the best…