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GTM/GA Debugger 1.0.0

David Vallejo

It took me almost a year ( once again ) to have a new version, but this time I did the things properly, I’ve restarted the tool totally from scratch, I re-did the dev environment, I re-coded the detections code, I changed the CSS Framework, I updated the JS backend.

There have been hundreds of commits, hundreds of hours , and so much fun and learning in the process. If you ask me the main features beside the more accurate reporting are the new Preview Enhancer and the new full support for Google Analytics 4.

GTM/GA Debug 1.0.0 Splash Screen

In the other side, I’ve reestructured the whole tool allowing me now publishing standalone functions/ fixed individually ( which was not possible before and the main reason for not having some regular updates ).

The are a lot of new cool stuff in the upcoming features queue, so stay tunned :).

Now, before listing some of the new stuff, I would like to mentioned that you can support this tool in some several ways,

Buying me a coffee : Yep, I can’t stop eating or even dring, but I won’t go far without my daily coffee doses.

Leaving a Review at CWS: I want to leave a review .


  • Much more curated layout (now most things looks fine on responsive mode )
  • Less memory usage
  • Improved reporting quality
  • Special work on “SPA” pages repoting ( a new “virtual” page block is created )
  • Upgraded from Vue2 to Vue3
  • Moved from Vuex to Pinia
  • Moved from to TailwindCSS
  • Hundreds of fixes
  • New GA / GA4 Blocking tool
  • Better error management
  • Better UX


  1. Google Tag Manager Detection is now much accurate and faster.
  2. It now supports any Google Tag Managertype container ( including GTAG/AMP ones )
  3. It now supports even support multiple dataLayer.
  4. any dataLayer push types are now supported (Functions, [], etc )
  5. Improved GTAG pushed report ,, they now show the commands and paramters
  6. New Preview Mode Enhancer, do into preview with a single click, avoiding the race condition created by the native GTM preview
  7. New active previews report , shows all containers on preview including the current worsspace name and preview time stamp
  8. Now you can preview AMP Containers!


  1. Added support for server side hits
  2. Added support for AMP hits
  3. Consent Mode reporting ( shows if the hits contain the Google Consent mode data )


  • New Reporting
  • Support for Server Side Hits
  • Better Items Reporting
  • Report on GA4 Server Side Reponse hits
  • Report on GA4 Server Sude Set Cookies
  • Better batching waiting report ( it shows a spinner )


  • Better Ecommerce detection
  • Improved data tables
  • Impressions are now shown grouped
  • Promotions and impressions are updated in real time

Check some demostrations videos below