Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Debug Extension

GTM Debug Extension is a Chrome Extension to ease the task of debugging Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Implementations. It’s focused on providing the most data possible and in the best readable format.

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Included Features:

  • View all dataLayer pushes
  • Copy dataLayer details to clipboard in a formatted way
  • View the current dataLayer model details for each dataLayer push
  • View all Universal Analytics Hits sent by pages
  • Filter the hits by their type and property ids
  • View the Enhanced Ecommerce Data in a visual and sortable way, no more wasting of time trying to decryp the hits payloads
  • Check the hit payload size, type, method and if it’s contains any Enhanced Ecommerce data without needing to dig around the request headers and payload.
  • Added a message alert to let the users know they have to reload the page on the first extension load
  • More to come …

Chrome Store Listing

Chrome Store Listing
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Version 0.0.3   Release Date:JUL 14, 2018

[New Feature] - Enhanced Ecommerce Report Beta ( Demo Video: YouTube )
[Bug Fix] - Console Errors thrown to console on console on some sites.
[Bug Fix] - Hit/Properties filters not applying to the proper page report. 
[Bug Fix] - Clipboard always sending back the last page details pushes info instead of the requested one.
[Bug Fix] - Hit details expands not working properly. Now they are expanded properly. 

Version 0.0.2 (First Public Release)  Release Date:JUL 7, 2018