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#Tip – Finding Legacy GA code after migrating to Universal Analytics

David Vallejo

You may have already migrated your Google Analytics Implementation to Universal Analytics. It may happen that you still have some legacy ga snippet lying around in some pages without having noticed it, for example in some landing pages that are not belong the default CMS system/templates.

But we can easily check this out just looking at Google Analytics data. It’s as easy as crossing your pageview/event reports with the “Data Source” dimension.

This dimension will be only set when using Universal Analytics endpoint. The hits sent to __utm.gif will have that dimension set as “(not set)” while Universal Analytics hit will force that dimension to be “web”.

So, that is!. It couldn’t be more easy, and I’d suggest to include this comprobation in your Universal Analytics migration checklist. 

In almost no time, you’ll be aware of :

  • Pages with an old tracking code.
  • Pages that may be missing the new code (if we did not remove the old one, it’s right to think that we may not tag them with the new one).
  • Pages with duplicate codes (GA + UA)