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Release: Yandex Metrica Debug Extension

David Vallejo

About one month ago I started to work on a Google Tag Manager Custom Template for Yandex Metrica, I must say it was my first contact with it apart from installing the default snippet some years ago on this same blog.

In order to ease my testings for the template I ended building a Browser Extension which I’m releasing today for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

I tried to cover all the differents hits that Yandex may send, but of course I may be missing some of them ( more likely to be on the beta JS library ). The extension currently support the following hit types:

  • Hit (Fields Reported: URL, Title, Referrer, full payload details)
  • reachGoal (Fields Reported: Goal ID, Currency, Value, , full payload details)
  • setUserID (Fields Reported: UserID, full payload details )
  • params (Fields Reported: Key,Value Up to 5 levels , full payload details )
  • userParams (Fields Reported: Key,Values Object , full payload details )
  • notBounce(Fields Reported: none , full payload details )
  • webvisor (Fields Reported: All Post Payload for webvisor is reported in a beautified way, full payload details )
  • ecommerceDetail (Fields Reported: Product Details , full payload details )
  • ecommerceAdd (Fields Reported: Product Details , full payload details )
  • ecommerceRemove (Fields Reported: Product Details , full payload details )
  • ecommercePurchase (Fields Reported: Purchase Details+ Product Details, full payload details )

It may happen that the extension is not able to detect the hit data type, and it will be shown as undetected row:

Don’t worry about this kind of rows in the reports they will be gone gradually as long I continue learning about Yandex Metrica Protocol and API.

I’d define the current extension status somewhere between Alpha and Beta. So have in mind that you may find bugs while using it in your sites. Please don’t hesitate to contact me so that way I can improve the extension functionality. 🙂