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New Release: GTM/GA Debugger 0.4.0

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It's been a long time since the last post, even more since the last extension update. To be exact it took me around 1 year to have this new version ready.

The main reason for this delay was that I switched how the extension is built at least 5 times. I don't consider myself a developer which implies that many times I end choosing not the best stack I should. Anyway this has been a real opportunity for my to learn a lot of new technologies/frameworks I didn't know about or just I never was able to understand, just to mention some: React / Svelte , WebPack, Rollup, Git, Gulp, Trevis. So at this point I'm really "happy" of all the time "wasted" on refactoring the extension so many times.

In case you're interested after these so many changes, I ended building the extension using Vue.js 2 and Bulma as the CSS Framework. This has allowed me to build an extension that it's faster, it's build on top of some good tecnhologies ( instead of having thousand of non-efficient JS code lines ).

I know that for most people most of the changes won't be noticiable, mostly because I tried kept the UI as it was in the previous version, but internally everything is different, while also como new features where added.

In the following video, I'm showing an overview of what the new extension has to offer:

GTM/GA Debugger Features

    I really lost track all everything that was added on this specific release, so I'm providing a quick Changelog


      As you may noticed some tools are gone: the Data Attributes Inspector and the Profiler Tab Report, I removed this feature for this release in order to focus on the tool reliability, they will be added back on the next releases.

      More news about the extension is that it will be available for Firefox, Opera and Edge ( as soon as I can't have it approved on their marketplaces )

      Now I'm looking for some betatesters that will help me on identifying issues on some new releases. Yay!.

      Last big new is that hit the 40.000 users this past week. Yeah, according to Chrome Store data, the extension is being used by more than 40K users weekly, I'd never thought the tool was end having these many users, but also this created some "responsability" at my side that I'm currently not sure how to handle it.

      In the last year I declined all the extension puchase offers and also I didn't accept any offer for adding ads within the tool, I really want to keep this tool free of ads, but it really takes lot of time. Because of this I decided to start accepting donations via Ko-Fi, Getting some help this will allow to publish updates more regularly. This is some totally opcional, I'll keep working on the extension anyway, but some people in the past asked for being able to help.

      Click on the button below if the extension has been helpful for your work:

      Now if you are not still using the extension you can get it for free in the following link: INSTALL EXTENSION