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GAUPET Release: Google Analytics User Permissions Explorer Tool

David Vallejo

Some months ago I asked some friends to test a new tool I was working on and past week I released something close to an open alpha, today after pulling some details, a new UI redesign 100% mobile compatible. I’m announcing the GAUPET release.

At first I named it as GA Governance Tool, but after some interesting chat with the “osom” Yehoshua Coren . I(we)’ve decided to change the tool’s name to something that it’s closer to what it is and here is it: GAUPET , which stands for Google Analytics User Permissions Explorer Tool. (yep, you’re right I didn’t rack my brain on this one)

You can find It the the following link : GAUPET

This will allow you to easily manage and pivot all your Google Analytics users and permissions in order to have a clear view of your current accounts User Governance status.

GAUPET will allow you to gather all your account user emails and permissions and draw them into an interactive pivot table. Even will allow you to merge different accounts users within the same report (thanks goes to Peter O’neill for this and another nice suggestions that will come in a future).

The tool comes with some predefined reports, but you will be able to pivot any data in the way you need. Just drag and drop the fields that’s it!.

The included fields are:

  • Email Address
  • Email Domain
  • Access Level
  • Account ID
  • Account Name
  • Account Access Rights
  • Account Permissions
  • Property ID
  • Property Name
  • Property Access Rights
  • Property Permissions
  • View ID
  • View Name
  • View Access Rights
  • View PermissionsLet’s take a look to a sample the report for user’s with view access:

    I’m offering this tool for free, and I’m hosting it for free, and this means that it’s offered “as it is”. Still you’ll have a feedback section on the page to report bugs, or ask for new features and I’ll try to make updates in my free time.

    Extra thanks fly to Damion Brown , Ani Lopez , Simo Ahava , Natzir Turrado , Doug Hall and Brian Clifton for their comments and testing. #tip Each of them worth a follow 🙂