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Category: web analytics

#proTip – Proactively Cookies Auditing with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

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Since GDPR was announced and more even with the rise of Safari’s ITP and the other upcoming protection feature by the other major browsers, the concers about users privacy was grown which is really nice. But despite browsers taking some actions to prevent the abuses, it’s difficult to follow up…

#tip – Grabbing current dataLayer variable name within GTM

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This is going to be a quick #tip post. and it’s coming from a post on Measure Slack. Let’s learn how to grab the current dataLayer variable name within GTM. We’ll need to create a variable with the following code: Now our variable should hold the dataLayer name 🙂

Google Tag Manager Custom Template – BrainSINS

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Today’s custom template ifs for: BrainSINS , a personalization platform based in Spain. Just import the template into your container and set the Token that you’ll find in your user corner. Download:

Detecting if Google Analytics is being blocked using a Google Tag Manager Custom Template Tag


Today I’m releasing a small Custom Template for Google Tag Manager that will take care of notifying the dataLayer about if Google Analytics is currently being blocked by the browser. Some days ago, I published the following tweet, to get some user’s feedback on Twitter. The approach not really bad,…