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David Vallejo

I’m the last year I didn’t have many time to work on this blog, mostly because I’ve been focusing on my other side projects on my “free” time.

Since I started with this blog some many years ago, my top 1 rule has been not writing about what others have already written, so I’ve been trying to provide new information on each of my posts, rather than retreading others content or even my own content each year, this added to some people being ludricoulsy fast on providing new content about Google Products new features had left me in a very difficult position to provide some more stuff.

In any case, Google Analytics 4 is now in da house, which provided a full new scope of chances to write about some new stuff, or even take time to really update all these +10 years old blog posts. So I’m back on writting.

This is gonna help me on improving my , poor, english skill, but will also let me learn some new stuff, since I’ve been feeling a bit outdate, ( ie: Big Query, Attributions. Modeling ).

All this said, this post also inagurates the new blog design, which I think is more read-able and includes a dark-mode version. Along with this there will be some news about the content on this blog.

  • It won’t even again be solely a Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager blog, I really want to try,learn new tools, vendors, and of course “teach” about them to all this blog readers.
  • This will be a ChatGPT-Free blog . That may be against my blog growing or writting posibilities, but I only want to provide my own created content, and I want to improve my english skill. So, you’re really lucky at this point since you be able to keep enjoying my exquiste english vocabulary.
  • I’ve never had/ask for collaborations, I’d love to have some guest posts, and will be even beter if we work on some solution together, are you interested on this?, ping me.
  • I’m take away my Top 1 Rule. I’ll write about anything that I may work with, or that I may try, since even if some other people has writting about the same topic I may contribute with some other valid PoVs or ideas that someone may find useful.