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Hi there!

I am a highly skilled technical web analytics specialist with a deep understanding of TMS’s such as Tealium, Google Tag Manager or Adobe Launch. Over the years, I have worked with a variety of businesses across different industries to provide them with the insights and solutions they need to succeed.

In addition to my expertise in Tag Management Systems, I am also proficient in various analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Adobe Analytics, Matomo, or Amplitude. I have a talent for troubleshooting complex issues and finding innovative solutions, which has made me a go-to resource for many organizations.

As an accomplished developer, I have also developed several debugging tools that have been widely used by professionals in the industry, including the Chrome Extension “GTM/GA Debugger” and the Native Apps debugging tool for Firebase “Android Debugger.” These tools have saved countless hours of debugging time for businesses and have become essential tools for many professionals.

In addition to my technical skills, I am also a thought leader in the field of technical web/app analytics. I regularly share my insights and knowledge through this blog and speaking engagements at industry events. If you’re looking for a seasoned professional to help you navigate the complex world of technical web analytics, I’m here to help. Let’s connect and see how I can support your business!

I am truly passionate about sharing knowledge and believe that it is the key to personal growth. When I look back on my own experiences, I can see that much of what I have learned has come from others generously sharing their knowledge through various channels such as documents, conferences, forums, and social networks. I try to pay it forward by sharing my own knowledge as well and believe in the importance of being fair and giving back to those who have helped me.

On this website you’ll be able to find all my articles mostly about how to track, fix, improve your analytics implementations.

Additionally, you can find information about my esteemed debugging tools such as the GTM/GA Debugger, UDO Debugger, and Analytics Debugger, as well as my open source libraries including AMP Tracking for Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Linker, GA4MP, and the HTML Elements Tracking Library only for mentioning some of them

While I have attended numerous conferences in the past, I have not previously been involved as a speaker until recently (2022). However, I am looking forward to improving and becoming more involved in the social aspect of my industry.

Event NameCityCountryYear
Untagged ConferenceMadridSpainNov 2016Organizer
MeasureCampMadridSpainMay 2019 Speaker
Super WeekGalyatetöHungaryJan 2020 Gold Punchcard Prize Winner
Super WeekEgerszalókHungaryFeb 2022Gold Punchcard Prize. 2th
Super WeekEgerszalókHungaryFeb 2022 Speaker
MeasureCampLondonUKMay 2022Speaker x 2
MeasureCampCopenhagenDenmark Jun 2022Speaker x 2
Google Analytics 4 . Mide y VencerásMadridSpainNov 2022Speaker
Sidralytics 2023San SebastiánSpainJan 2023Organizer
Super WeekEgerszalókHungaryFeb 2023Speaker
Super WeekEgerszalókHungaryFeb 2023Gold Punchcard Prize. 3th
EmerceAmsterdamNetherlands20 Apr 2023Speaker
MeasureCampAmsterdamNetherlands22 Apr 2023SpeakerPPT
Untagged DayMadridSpain27 Apr 2023SpeakerPPT

I’m also part of the Tealium Experts Program.

You can reach me on Twitter (@thyng), Linkedin or via the contact form on this same website.